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Our Services

WatCon is an emerging company focusing in the field of High Efficiency irrigation systems and its application in Agriculture and landscape; Precision Agriculture; Solar based water pumping for drinking water supply and Agriculture; soluble fertilizers use in Orchards, imported fruits, vegetables plants, seeds and livestock management. We also provide consulting services to Agribusiness (Agriculture & Livestock), Energy sector in renewable energy and Development sectors.


Agribusiness, large area plantation, land use planning, drip and sprinkler irrigation, controlled atmosphere agriculture, value chain analysis, business development plans, market development, market linkages, sourcing of high tech equipment.

Irrigation systems

Demand based Irrigation System: survey, design, installation, commissioning, training in repair, maintenance and management. High efficiency irrigation systems: Drip, sprinkler, Pivot: survey, design, installation, commissioning and after sales, turnkey projects.

Weather stations

Project design, material sourcing, installation, web hosting, after sales and repairs, sales of data to prospective customers in Agriculture, industry, highways, Meteorological departments, Government, Airlines.

Latest News

New Weather Stations in portfolio

WatCon brings to the Pakistani market a new weather station made in Czech Republic. This weather station provide user friendly interface, inte